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Why Would You Need Pet Sitting

Why Would You Need Pet Sitting?

Reasons to use a Pet Sitting Company

There are an enormous amount of reasons you may need to use a professional pet sitter.  Having your pets at home is stress free for both you and your pets.  You can also check out all the Advantages and Benefits.

Here are some reasons you may need professional pet sitter:

  • Your pet is too young to leave alone for too long
  • Mid Day Breaks while you are at work
  • A supper visit if you are late at work
  • You travel for work
  • You like to go skiing for the day
  • You love to go to Boston for the day
  • You are rushed to the hospital, unexpectedly
  • You have a planned surgery coming up
  • You must go to a family function
  • You are having your baby and will be in the hospital
  • You are pregnant and need help scooping the litter boxes
  • You are disabled and need some help cleaning a litter box or taking your dog for a walk
  • You have a newborn and do not have time to walk your dog
  • You work from home and want your dog to get a good walk so he doesn’t ask all afternoon
  • Your dog needs more exercise
  • You have a family member living in a nursing home or assisted living that allow them to have their pet with them but it is hard for them to bend over and clean litterboxes or take the dog out for a good walk
  • You HATE scooping the litter boxes
  • You HATE scooping the yard
  • You like the freedom to go on day trips and need the cats to be fed
  • You do not like needles but your pet is diabetic
  • You HATE leaving your pets all alone at night so you schedule a pet sitter to sleep with your pets
  • You already have someone to care for your pets but want a Professional Pet Sitting Company to be there as a Plan B
  • Maybe you need a pet sitter, just in case




You can use a Professional Pet Sitting Company as much as you need or as little as you need.



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Dog Walking & Mid Day Let Out

Dog Walking and

Mid Day Let Out Visits

while you are at Work

Is your pet home alone Again? Are you feeling guilty again?


Watch our Video on Dog Walking Mid Day Let Out

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Go to our New Client or Client Login to sign up now!!

You can schedule our Regular or Extended visits, you can also add on extra time, if you wish.

Prices depend on number of pets, time needed, travel, etc.  Go Here for Prices. 

The ultimate gift of love for your pet.

This service is for those pet parents who want to start their dogs out right with routine exercise every day.  It is great for all dogs’ mental and health well being.

This is our Most requested Service.   All pets need a break during our long work days, double shifts, unexpected or planned overtime. Pets can only go for so long without needing to go out. It can be agonizing for a grown pet to even think of having an accident inside. This service is especially needed for puppies and elderly pets (as for any pet) that cannot go for more than a few hours without needing to be relieved. If you work or are away from home 6 hours or more per day, give your pets the ultimate gift of love and call us for Mid-Day Let Out.


A trained and qualified Professional Pet Sitter will let your pet out to go to the bathroom, get some fresh air, stretch and let off some anxiety, play with toys or play ball, have some treats and always get lots of TLC and personal attention during the day while you are away.

This is just for the dogs who need some extra loving and bathroom breaks during your busy schedule.  We will not be caring for other pets in the home or bringing in your mail/newspapers because you will be there every day.  If you need extra help with pooper scooping or litterbox scooping, we do have added services if you wish for us to do that at mid day.

  • Package Plans for Mid-Day Let Out / Dog Walking

Package Plans for Mid-Day/Dog Walking,

Client requested!! These Package Plans are to give your pet a break in the middle of your work shift.

We will:

  • let your dog out to go to the bathroom.
  • Play and run in a fenced in yard,
  • Play Ball
  • Take your dog for a walk,
  • Give lots of exercise
  • We can feed during this visit if needed.
  • We will give lots of love
  • One on one attention
  • Give treats if they are allowed.

All pets benefit  mentally and physically from this break.  Some behavioral issues may be helped.

We designed these packages to give you, our constant client a discount & save money for Monday through Friday service every week and sign up for 6 months to 1 year at a time.  This also helps to give our petsitters regular schedules.  They can only do so many visits in a day.  This helps to maximize their time.

All Packages:

  • SAVE, SAVE, SAVE – $2ooo+ depending on the discount package you choose
  • Monday – Friday service for length of package
  • All packages give you the choice of a Regular or Extended visit.
  • This is for mid day/dog walking service only
  • For 1 – 3 dogs (additional dogs are just a few dollars for each dog over 3)
  • No need to schedule, you will automatically be on our schedule
  • Budgeting is easy, the price stays the same every month (unless you add visits)
  • If a holiday falls within the Mon-Fri, you stay at discounted package price for that mid day visit, no holiday rate
  • No cancellation fee if you cancel last minute, you already receive free visits with discount, monthly price stays the same
  • petsitter & pets establish routine (Pets LOVE routine)
  • no need to schedule every week and get a confirmation
  • automatically guaranteed a visit  Monday – Friday
  • advantages for people who work, are disabled, etc.
  • all medical, physical, & mental advantages of mid day let out for your pet,
  • saves time, gas & more for you, no need to bring your dog anywhere!!


  • Platinum PLUS Package 1 year and Platinum Package 6 months

Our Platinum PLUS packages are TWO visits for exercise and fun in a day every Monday – Friday.  We will space them out so your dogs will get to go out TWICE during your work day, they get to have TWICE the fun, TWICE the potty breaks, TWICE the love, TWICE the treats.

Your savings for this package is comparable to FIVE FREE VISITS per month and OVER 2000 for the year!!  

  • Gold PLUS Package 1 year and Gold Package 6 months

This is the same as our Platinum Packages above but are for ONE visit per day Monday – Friday for exercise and fun in a day.  We will come in the middle of the day so your dogs will get to go out ONCE during your work day, they get to have fun, potty break, lots of love, and treats.

Your savings for this package is comparable to FOUR FREE VISITS per month and over $1000 for the year!! 


  • Puppy Platinum Package 1 year and Puppy Gold Package 6 months

This is a combination of the packages above.  We will come at the beginning for TWO visits spaced out until your puppy or new dog becomes housebroken and can hold it for longer periods of time.  Once it is determined that the pup can go longer comfortably, we will switch over to just the ONE visit.  This is great for young pups or newly adopted dogs.

Your savings for this package is comparable to FOUR+ FREE VISITS per month.  


  • School Package for the School Year

This is the exact same as the GOLD PLUS package above but made for the school schedule.  We can schedule you for the complete school year with the summer and all vacations off.  Please just give us the school calendar at the beginning and we will schedule you accordingly.  School vacations of Complete weeks only will not be charged as long as we know the school calendar at the beginning of the year.

Your savings for this package is comparable to FOUR FREE VISITS per month.  


  • Custom Package 1 year

This is where you can choose and mix and match any of the 1 year packages above. Maybe you have really long days on Monday and Thursday and prefer TWO visits but only need ONE visit on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Please keep in mind, that every dog deserves a break in the middle of the day and most would rather die than have an accident. If you must stop your Mid Day/Dog Walking Service for whatever reason, you must come home for a break or ask a friend, neighbor or relative to continue for your dog.  Your dog’s body will be used to elimination in the middle of the day and they will be looking forward to the companionship, exercise, fresh air, treats and love that they have come to look forward to every day.

Spanky kitty playing with his favorite toy

Daily Feline Fun Time & Litter Box Maintenance

Feline Fun Time and

Litter Box Maintenance

Are you too tired to play with your full of energy feline at the end of your work day?

Is your Kitty a bit overweight from lack of exercise?



Daily exercise and scooping of litterboxes is a must for healthy and happy kitties.  If it is a chore that you just hate doing or do not have time to do, please have us do it for you.

Feline Fun Time & Litterbox Maintenance

We can come Monday – Friday,  seven days a week or just once in a while to play with your frisky feline, or sooth your lonely senior or exercise your overweight kitty!  whatever you need for your feline we can provide companionship while you are away long periods of time at work every day.

Daily visits will help with your cat’s health and well being, while you are at work.  Cats get lonely too!  One on one attention every day will be beneficial to your cats” health and well being.

We can also scoop your litter box, give fresh food, water as well as give some loving fun attention to your kitties while you are at work, home or vacation. Veterinarians recommend daily exercise and litter boxes scooped once per day, ideally twice per day. Clean litter boxes may help prevent elimination problems around your home. No more litter box duty for you, let us do it for you.

Daily exercise for your kitties can help them burn off excess energy, help them sleep through the night (are they waking you up), helps keep their joints limber, helps them to lose weight (just like us), helps keep their hearts healthy.  We can play with their favorite toys, we can even brush them if we have time.

Prices depend on number of pets, time needed, travel, etc.  Go Here for Prices. 

We have discount plans for Monday-Friday or 7 days a week packages for long term schedules. This will create savings and you can be guilt free knowing your kitty is getting lots of attention, playtime and clean litter boxes every day while you are working hard,

Sign up NOW, call our office at 603-888-8088 or just go to the right for client login  or click on “New Client” to contact us to sign up your beloved kitties for our valuable Feline Fun Time/Litter box Maintenance service.

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