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Merlin wrestling with puppy in grass

Pooper Scooping


Let us do it for you!!!

Daily scooping of pet waste is a must for healthy and happy pets.  If it is a chore that you just hate doing or do not have time to do, please have us do it for you.

 Pooper Scooping of your yard

We can schedule a time to clean your yard of pet waste, while we are pet sitting, on a weekly basis or once in a while.

As an add on services while we are doing a Daily Mid Day Visit

Prices depend on number of pets, time needed, travel, etc.  Go Here for Prices. 

If we are going to your home for ONLY this service – Prices depend on number of pets, time needed, travel, etc. Please call our office for all prices.

Sign up NOW, call our office at 603-888-8088 or Go to the login to the right and click on “Client login”  if you are already a registered client or click on  “New Client” to contact us to sign up your beloved dog for our valuable Pooper Scooping service.