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Pet Agreement Reservations

Professional Pet Sitting Etc  Service Agreement

Making Reservations, Emergency Pet Care, Late Reservations


ALL SERVICES must be confirmed via email through this program.  You may also receive a voice message.

ALL SERVICES must be made through our office ( our online program is run by our office) for legal and insurance purposes.  Employees can not make or cancel any reservations. Any reservation made outside our company will result in employee termination and release PPSE from all legal/financial/responsibilities resulting from this non reservation.

When making online reservations, the total you will see, is an ESTIMATE.  It will not have any surcharges for holidays or weekends.

Make sure ALL pets in the home are included in EVERY pet care visit for the entire reservation.  We will not care for dogs on all visits and the cat on just one visit.  No animal will be ignored and will be included in every visit.  The ONLY time we will not include ALL pets, will be when we are walking dogs while an owner is at work and the owners will be home morning and night of that day.


If you have an emergency, such as hospitalization, or death in your family, whether our office is closed or not, we will call you with a confirmation and cover you as soon as we can (surcharges may apply if calls are made outside of our call back hours).

If it is not an emergency and our office is closed and you need pet care – it is not guaranteed, however we may be able to help.

IF YOU DO NOT GET A CONFIRMATION EMAIL,  please NOTIFY OUR OFFICE in case we did not get your message.  We will ALWAYS confirm.

If you do get a confirmation and then you do not need the service and did not cancel before we confirm, you will still be charged the late reservation surcharge and you may be charged for the reservation.



Client understands it is their responsibility to make and ensure to receive a confirmation for  all reservations or make alternate arrangements.

Client understands it is their responsibility to inform PPSE when returning home, even though services are automatically terminated at the end of all reservations.  Client must confirm any and all changes in a reservation.

All services are pre-paid,

For Dog walking/mid day let out -pre-payment is within 14 days prior to the start of the first day of service month

For Vacations/away services are pre-paid within 14-30 days prior to first day of service. No refunds of any kind are issued once a reservation starts or if for any reason you must return home early.

You must receive a confirmation email.  We log all emails/phone calls in and out.



To ensure availability for your pet care needs, please book as far in advance as possible, holiday and large reservations (5 or more visits), may not be possible if booked less than 14 days prior to service.  A few times we have been unable to accommodate a client due to last minute calling.

We hate to say no, but our primary concern is for the pets already scheduled plus we need to adjust schedules, get paperwork and keys to the appropriate pet sitters.  This may take time from busy pet care schedules.

Last minute reservations or cancellations made on closed days will have surcharges added.

Remember, to have solid reservations, we will ALWAYS  confirm. Most confirmations will be done, Monday through Thursday 9am – 12pm.

If we MUST call you when our office is closed, a surcharge will be added.  Late reservation surcharges will also be added.  Extra visit charge for gas and time, will be added if the pet sitter must make an extra trip to the office for keys, etc.

If you do not get confirmation, check your online reservation to see if it is there and never hesitate to contact us, to be safe.  Please remember to notify us if you reservations changes in any way.

All reservations MUST be booked and confirmed online to be valid, confirmed and covered by our insurance, etc.

NO reservations can be confirmed by an employee.  Reservations are never to be called to an employees’ home phone.

Reservations made to an employee but not booked and confirmed online by client can result in employee termination, no service, will not be covered by any insurances, etc. and PPSE will NOT be responsible for any reservation/services, etc. not received and confirmed online by our office.



It is Client’s responsibility to extend service beyond the original reservation.

Your reservations (not Gold Plans or Mid Day Let Out ongoing service) are automatically terminated at the end of your reservations.



If you arrive home before your reservation ends, please call/email the office (24/7) to let us know you are home but if you have a visit scheduled, also leave a note on your door, letting the pet sitter know that you are home and they do not need to come in, just in case the office can not reach the pet sitter in time.

Once a reservation has started, there will be NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON, (arriving home earlier than expected, sickness, unexpected time off from work, etc.).


Late reservations and same day service will incur extra charges.  This is for Any reservations to start within 48 hours. For any reservation that includes a holiday or a holiday falls within one week before or after reservation, to start within one week.  Extra care and time must be taken to rearrange schedules and extra time and gas is needed for key pickup for these reservations.



Our minimum level of service is every other day for cats and small animals (such as rabbits, guinea pigs, fish, etc).  Our preference is daily visits but we understand that some people prefer every other day visits. This service is only available at our discretion for healthy  animals.  If we deem that it is NOT in an animal’s best interest for pet care every other day, we will not approve the service.  If we deem that any animal in our care is not doing well with every other day visits, we will suggest adding visits or explain that we may no longer be able to care for the pets.

REQUIREMENT – to be approved for every other day visits, you must email us the day you will be leaving and the day you will be returning.

Our daily visit preference is Due to the welfare of your animal and what animal organizations suggest.

We have experienced all kinds of things that have happened with every day visits and more things can happen with every other day visits. Water heaters flooding houses, cats getting tangled in curtains, Rabbits getting feet caught in bedding, and more. One cat got stuck in a box spring probably right after our visit and by the time we got there he was frantic and needed to be hospitalized. Many people believe that because it has never happened before, it will not happen this time either.

Scheduling is also hard. It is very hard to have someone make a reservation for the same time period as yours that is for the opposite days of your reservation, leaving those days empty.

Also, When we do pet care visits for every other day, There are two days worth of care, cleaning and feeding that must be done in one visit.

Because of the reasons above, every other day visits will cost more than every day visits AND they will automatically have the ANYTIME Time Period (5am – 10pm) placed on those visits.

If your prefer to go to the lower cost of every day visits, please let me know.