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Pet Agreement Keys

Professional Pet Sitting Etc  Service Agreement

Keys, Codes, Alarms, Video Surveillance


Plan A & B

To care for your pets, we need TWO ways to be able to enter your home.

Why two ways?

When I comes to our precious pets, if for any reason the first fails, we always need a Plan B. The requirement of two keys was due to past experience, safety and part of our emergency/disaster planning.  For example: A while back, one of our pet sitters was in a car accident (hit by another car), taken by ambulance, with keys and her car being towed off.  The towing company would NOT let us near the keys!  Today with codes, etc.  We now have more choices for a Plan A & B, then just 2 keys.

This can be two sets of keys or, If you decide you want to use a door code, garage code or a lockbox, instead of 2 sets of keys, that is great.

Whatever your choice, we need a Plan A AND a Plan B.  Murphy’s law in 25 years has certainly taught us that anything will and has happened in the most inopportune time. Codes fail, keys do not work, batteries die, garage pads fail, power outage, and more.

We plan Just in case something happens.  So if you choose a lockbox and it malfunctions (very rare but has happened) or someone forgets to put the key back, or the door code  no longer works because the batteries failed, or the garage pad which has never malfunctioned in 5 years has now malfunctioned, we need a Plan B, etc.


Two sets of keys would be Plan A & B. Garage code and 1 set of keys is a Plan A & B.



Client will furnish keys to be kept in our office indefinitely.

Client gives permission to copy (if needed) and for employees of PPSE to obtain a key, enter all properties and to use our best judgment to fulfill services.

If we only have one key in our office, Keys already in our possession may be duplicated, a charge for duplication will be incurred.  It is the clients’ responsibility to CHECK ALL KEYS, especially when keys are copied.

Make sure keys work easily, with doors closed and locked (some keys will work with doors open and locked but not when doors are closed and locked, go figure ). Keys should be inserted, turned and lock is unlocked, no playing.

If keys need to be played with and take more than a few seconds to work, please repair so they work easily and properly.  The jiggling and manipulation that you are used to and may take you a minute, will take a sitter who is not used to it, 5 minutes or more, taking time away from pet care.

Let us know what key is for what lock and what locks you do lock and do not lock.  Some people lock the door knob only, the dead bolt only and some people lock both.

Even though you may lock only one or the other, please make sure we have keys to all locks.  Our pet sitters are very used to locking homes up tightly and on a few occasions the lock never used was locked accidentally.

To prevent accidental lock outs, let us know what is/is not locked, disengage the unused locks to not be operable, give us keys to the unused locks, or put very strong tape over the unused lock so it cannot be locked.


Two sets of keys –

One set is always in our office for emergency and the other is with the sitter when caring for yours pets then comes back safely to your file in our office. For the safety of thousands of keys the office is not public. Keys are kept permanently in our office to be ready whenever you need a sitter in the future.  Keys are only returned at owners expense for s&h, certified mail, signature required.


To get us keys – 

If you mail us keys, You must NOT need service for 14-21 days from the date you place in the mail to ensure that we will get them in our PO Box in time. Once, keys did not get to us for 6 months!!

Do not take the PO word that they will be there in a day or two because it may not happen.

If you need us anytime within 14-21 days, have a plan B ready.

If you do mail keys, tape keys to a piece of cardboard and place in a padded envelope (since we began our business in 1990, no keys have been lost in the mail ).

OR You can designate an area outside your home for the sitter to pick up on the first visit, please let us know where. Do NOT leave keys in a mailbox, the federal government does not allow.

OR you can schedule a regular visit at regular cost to meet a sitter in Request Visits.


What if we can not get in your home to care for your pets

If we can’t get in your home in spite of all the ways, our service agreement allows us to gain access to for your pets health, well being and safety.

This may result in you paying for a locksmith or us possibly going through a window (etc.).  We will try to contact you and then your emergency people.  However, Your pets are our top priority. If you wish for us to not do this, Client is responsible to contact their emergency person to gain access & be responsible for acquiring 2 new keys for PPSE.

Client  assume full financial responsibility,  liability and reimbursement.

Client releases PPSE from all responsibility and liability when keys, garage openers or any other device  are left outside or unsecured.

If Client chooses to NOT furnish keys & leaves doors unlocked-client will assume all legal/financial/liability & any implications thereof pertaining to others not with PPSE gaining access to the home.


KEY RETURNS are not usually done:

Keys are kept permanently in our office (when not in use) to be ready whenever you need a sitter in the future.

If we absolutely must return keys, Keys will only be returned by certified mail, signature required, owner will pre-pay Shipping/ handling fee. See Service and product List for cost.

If keys must be returned, Account MUST be paid in full.

Keys will be mailed in 30 days.

To mail Keys, any and all balances are paid in full.

Keys will NOT be left inside your house on last day of service (NO EXCEPTIONS).

If owner leaves keys outside for the petsitter or if keys are requested to be left outside of the house by PPSE, PPSE will not be held liable in any way legally, financially, or medically for whatever happens with keys or any results in keys taken.

We do NOT have a public office – Our insurance requires that the office location where keys are kept is not made public for the safety of 3000+ keys. You will NOT be able to pick up keys at our office.

Picking up keys from us, having a sitter drop off or leaving keys is not an option, our insurance requires that all keys, once in our possession must be returned via certified mail with signature required.

If you are uncomfortable with us having keys or having to pay and sign for the return of keys, then you may want to go with an alternative.



You may provide us with codes to garages and front doors, we still ask for a back up plan, either with a key or another way to access the inside of your home, in case of a power outage, malfunction or battery failure.



If you have an alarm/security system, let us know complete step by step instruction, the alarm code, the password for the alarm company, and the alarm company information (name and number).

We are not responsible for setting off any and all alarm/security systems along with any violations and/or fines due to systems going off, due to the numerous variety, complexity of alarm/security systems, key pad too sensitive, key pad not sensitive, and the frequency of code changes.

What may be very easy for you to use every day, is not easy for us.  Keypads can be overly sensitive and may register a number twice if we hit too hard, or the keypad is not sensitive and it does not register a number because we hit too soft, one may want to hit away or stay or enter or # or nothing after the code. Doors and windows not being aligned and the alarm will not set. We have had alarms short circuit, stop working, and almost cause a fire.

Because of these problems and differences, we will not be responsible for any alarm malfunction, being armed or not armed, if an alarm goes off for any reason or anything that may happen because of an alarm malfunction, being armed or not armed.  We will not pay any fines for false alarms resulting in alarm going off.  If you have an alarm FOB, where we hit only one button for on and off, that is preferred or not setting the alarm at all.  We are pet care people, not alarm specialists.  Keep in mind that every minute spent with your alarm (reading instructions, trying to turn it off or turn it on, checking doors and windows, etc), is every minute spent away from pet care.

Client releases PPSE from all legal/financial/medical liabilities resulting from alarm/security system not working properly, malfunctions, not turned on or for any crime/problem resulting in any alarm/security system failure.


Video Survellance

For privacy and safety, please notify us of all video cameras in and out of your home.