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Is There A Better Way To Elect a President


Therè has to be a better way for all of us!
There has to be a better way for all of us!

My Thoughts on Our Election Process for President

by Dorinne Whynott

November 9, 2016

I am very proud to be an American and love my country but I absolutely HATE our election process. The following is my opinion and I know many people may or may not agree with me, and that is okay.  This is just one person’s opinion.

After enduring the past year of our election process and seeing one of the worst in my lifetime, I am reminded how I have always hated how we run our elections.  It brings out so much conflict.  This year, it brought out the worst in all of us.  We were so divided in our convictions that many resorted to hate and violence.
We live in a civilized world with the most advanced technology to date.
Why do we not have a more productive and civilized process to elect our next president?
I have said this before and I will say it again –  the way we have elections is the most unproductive process I have ever witnessed.
Keep in mind that these candidates are applying to WORK FOR US.
They are promising to do a good job FOR US,  to represent our feelings, ideals and beliefs.
Why should we not want them to SHOW us what they have done for good in the past, present and future.
Why can we not CHANGE the current process so that we can make a better informed decision on who will do what we want.
So, we can make an informed decision on Who will do the best job FOR US.
I am sorry to say that with the current process, we are all unable to make an informed decision, it is just a GUESS.
Why?  because we really do not know these people.  Do you disagree?  Well, I still do not know if the emails were a problem and if his taxes will show something we would all not like.  You know what?  THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE.
We should know every single thing about all the people who want our VOTE and we should not give that vote if we have any question unanswered.  So, why do we allow this?
The people who want out vote, want us to give them the most powerful job in the world and
Resumes and Life Charts –
Since these people want US to HIRE them and PAY them for the most important job in America, why is it, that we do not know everything about them. Why not have an independent sworn company, vet all candidates for all voted in positions.  They will do thorough research and make thorough reports for all of US.  All of the research would be from the time they were born (yup, those birth certificates need to be authenticated, so we do not have this issue again) to present day.  We really should know the people we are voting for, inside and out, driving records, job records, background checks.
Oh but you say that would not be right.  They have a right to their privacy……Uh, no they do not.  They have chosen to be in this.  They have chosen to want OUR vote.  They have chosen to REPRESENT US. Therefore, they have forfeited their right to privacy for the job.  If that bothers them, the simple solution is do not go into the public sector job!! If they choose to NOT be in the public sector then they have the right to their privacy.
Truth – Why is this not one of the CORE rules?
It should never be up to the public to have to FIND the truth. The candidates, the election process and all of America, should DEMAND  all information from the election is
” The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”.
Our election process and all that it entails should be held to a higher standard since it affects ALL of us. In this election, there were so many untruths,  stories that were false,  and made up stories being circulated by everyone, no one knew what was true and what was not. We all had to GUESS.
Is this really how you want this to be?  I know I do not.
Again, How can anyone make a decision without all of the CORRECT information?
Popular Vote –
Why is it that people do not feel like their vote matters?  One reason may be because of what happened this election and another election not too long ago.
I can see why they have the electoral vote, it does help to decide who won relatively quickly and to make sure that a majority is represented correctly.  However, in a very close race, if the popular vote exceeds the electoral vote, then I believe EVERY VOTE SHOULD COUNT.  The popular vote should always supercede the electoral vote because the people have spoken.
Deeds –
Why do we not vote for a person on the good deeds one is doing and has done in their life?
Imagine if instead of spending the millions and millions of dollars on advertising, making only the tv stations, radio and print advertising rich,  Imagine if all of that money was put to a good use. Where the candidates put that money towards a project dear to their hearts and we judge them on a job well done. Imagine eradicating hunger, or homelessness or something every FOUR years!!!
Just imagine the good all of those millions of dollars could do!!
Why do we give up our most precious right, OUR VOTE, to a person we do know know 100%?
One of the reasons, that many people are feeling very uneasy the day after this 2016 election, is because we really do not know the candidate that was elected.  It does not matter what you think of him.  What matters is that we really DO NOT KNOW HIM.  We are completely at his mercy as to what he will or will not do.
Personally, at this stage of the game, we should all feel like the best candidate won, because we have ALL of the information.  We know him inside and out from the day he was born.  We have been able to vet him, ask him all the questions, read his life history, know his financial situation and feel like he is the best person to represent US, all of America. But we do not…….
And my feelings are not just for this election, I have felt this about every single election.
After we have all witnessed the most ugly process in our lifetime this year, our country now has the important task of coming together as Americans and heal.
I wish our President Elect much strength in bringing our divided America together and hope that he will be a great president.
God Bless America!