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Top Tips about Daycare for your Dog vs Mid Day Let Out

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Mid Day Visits in your home may be better then Daycare

for you and your dog

Author, Dorinne Whynott, Owner of Professional Pet Sitting Etc.


Our most requested service is our Mid day Let out. Our pet sitters make visits to your home every day while you are at work Monday through Friday or whatever your work schedule may be. Some people have asked how our mid day service is more beneficial.

Here are a few benefits of Mid Day Pet Sitting service:

  • Saves Money – in most cases pet sitting visits cost less, even for one dog. However, our visit prices are for up to 3 dogs, so it saves ALOT when you have more then one dog. Plus, no penalty cost if you have to pick up late (they are already home!).
  • Saves Gas – since we come to your home, theres no need to use extra gas bringing your dog anywhere or using more gas to pick them up
  • No Stress for you – many daycare facilities have rules about drop off and pick up times, so if you must leave really early in the morning or get out of work later at night, you may need to have someone else drop off or pick up your pet. If you are running behind at work your stress level may increase if you are getting close to the Daycare’s closing time
  • No stress for your dog – if your dog is not a dog that loves to go for rides or gets cars sick.  Also, many dogs get stressed when in a new environment and every time a new dog comes into the “pack” (facility).
  • Saves Time – since we come to your home, you don’t have to plan extra time in the morning or after work when you are tired. If you are running late in the morning and don’t have time to drop off our dog, he will be home all day without a break ( unless you call us). Or if there is snow, all that extra morning time will be eaten up clearing off your car just to get to work.  Not to mention the extra time to get to work since traffic will be slower in bad weather.
  • Saves more time – with a click of your mouse on a pet sitting company’s online system you can book an extra supper visit, you can add extra time, you can go on a regular schedule for mid day let out and book every Monday – Friday or every mon-wed-fri or whatever your schedule is, even if it is sporadic.

A good Professional Pet Sitting Company will have an online reservation system, which will allow you to make all reservations 24/7, 365 days per year and you can update your personal pet care information any time you wish.

Also, a Professional Pet Sitting Company will be able to care for your pets 365 days per year. Daycares, unless they are boarding facilities as well, can not. Even if they can board your dog, can you pick your dog up at 3am when your flight comes in?? Probably not. If your pet is home all snuggled in his bed, he will be there waiting for you no matter what time you come home.

In a highly professional pet sitting company (see What to Look for in a Pet Sitting Company), A trained and qualified Professional Pet Sitter will let your pet out to go to the bathroom, get some fresh air, stretch and let off some anxiety, play with toys or play ball, have some treats and always get lots of TLC and personal attention during the day while you are at work. The biggest plus is the one on one attention that your dog receives.  Hugs, love and treats are all part of the attention and is the best part for dog and pet sitter !!

Pets need human interaction – Most pets really need human interaction.  Being home alone all day every day, some pets get depressed.  They just sleep.  Inactivity, boredom, depression can lead to other problems, like obesity and health issues, as well as destructiveness and other behavior issues.

Here is a link to my other blog for more information on Mid Day Let Out/Dog Walking

Why your dog needs a break in the middle of your work day


Here is how a Daycare is different from Mid Day Let Out;

  • Daycares do not give your dog one on one attention. Attendees are busy watching over many dogs. If you see your dog clinging at anytime to an attendee instead of out and about with the dogs, your dog is not interested in Daycare.
  • Dogs maybe crated at many daycare facilities – many facilities have a 2 hour playtime with an hour of downtime for dogs. In these Downtimes, dogs are crated. The reason this is done is to keep dogs from getting overstimulated, over stressed, over tired and cranky increasing the possibility of a dog fight. There is no benefit to an over stimulated, over stressed,  over tired cranky dog.
  • Your dog may pick up a parasite, tick or fleas – Most Daycare facilities are pretty good at keeping parasites at bay. However, if a dog had been running and playing on a trail yesterday and had picked up an internal parasite, fleas or ticks, Today, that dog and yours are running, playing, kissing and grooming each other…..well, its possible to get parasites, ticks and fleas. In all fairness, your dog could get parasites, ticks and fleas anywhere other dogs are- daycares, dog parks, trails, your neighborhood. Its just more of a possibility when your dog is around other dogs a lot. A fecal to your vet to check for parasites might be a good idea at least 4 times a year if you frequent daycares or dog parks. Tick and flea checks on your dog are always a good idea every time you go home from anyplace where a lot of dogs have been.
  • Daycares are not open every day, so if you need pet care or want to pick up your pet on a Sunday or Christmas, these facilities might not be available.  Very few Daycare facilities are open 365 days per year.  A good Professional Pet Sitting Company has pet care 365 days per year.
  • Daycares may not be there for you in an Emergency –  if you have a family emergency, there may not be availability.  A good Professional Pet Sitting Company generally will always help with pet care in an emergency.
  • Cuts, scrapes and bruises – This is inevitable when dogs are running, playing, rough housing, jumping on each other, play biting each other, skidding, and the list goes on.  Its like kids on a playground, someone will go home with a skinned knee.


When considering Daycare vs Mid Day Let Out, please know your pets.

These are a few pets that are not good candidates for Daycare;

  • Shy pets – shy pets really do better in a one on one mid day visit rather then being dropped off at a busy daycare. Ive seen shy pets huddled up in a corner, stressed just waiting to get out of there.
  • Dogs that do not like other dogs – a fight waiting to happen.  If they are home getting one on one attention in your yard, they will be away from other dogs.
  • Dogs that insist they are always the boss with other dogs – a fight waiting to happen. Again, If they are home getting one on one attention in your yard, they will be away from other dogs.
  • Dogs that tire easily – they will just get cranky and not happy.  If they are with a pet sitter and start to get tired, they can just find their bed and take a nap.
  • Dogs with any health issues – they need to be home, only 100% healthy pets should be at a daycare with other dogs, for the well being of your dog with health issues
  • Dogs that are elderly, arthritic, joint problems – dogs in this category should be home, its just not fair to them with all the pouncing and jumping not to mention how painful arthritis and joints can be.
  • Dogs that get over stimulated – again a fight may happen.  These dogs do much better with less things going on around them with just one on one attention.
  • Dogs that get anxiety when there’s too much going on – These dogs like to control the room and feel they must calm everyone down, they run around biting other dogs backs which is a dog sign for that dog to calm down but its just too much fun, so your dog runs around and around, wearing herself out because no one is listening.

Sometimes, when people pick up there dogs, they pick up exhausted dogs and for the happy go lucky high energy dogs, that’s a good thing but for others that exhausted dog, who had been running and running in a panic all day, may not be having a good time.  This is when you really need to have at least 2 people who know dog posture (not a daycare worker or someone who works there) go with you and observe your dog.  Is all that running around good, are they really having fun or is that miserable exhaustion full of anxiety and nervousness.

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If you are considering a Daycare, here are a few things to look for;


  • The facility show look and smell clean – some dog smell is expected but shouldn’t be unpleasant.
  • The facility shouldn’t smell musty, moldy or too chemical -too much of a  harsh chemical is not good for dogs or people.  It doesn’t take much to kill bacteria.  Musty, moldy or unclean smells may mean that they are not cleaning correctly and that germs and bacteria aren’t being properly killed.
  • You shouldn’t see things in disrepair, rusty, rotting roof – The facility should be keeping up with their maintenance, if not maybe there is a reason, poor management, clients leaving, etc.  Plus you do not want your pet to chew or cut themselves on anything.
  • A tour of where your dogs will be is a must – unplanned tours are better, so you can see things as they are not cleaned up for your Tour. Be aware that any dog facility is not pretty before clean up but it shouldn’t be built up dirt that has been there for a few days.  You can tell the difference.
  • There should be separate area for young pups away from the big rambunctious boys – There should be special areas for puppies, small dogs, old dogs and Rambunctious dogs – THIS IS IMPORTANT.  It could be the life and death of your dog.  True Story in NH – One of our clients had a fox terrier puppy and wanted to bring her puppy to daycare because she wanted her puppy to “play” all day.  She brought him to a local daycare and on the same day, 2 new big dogs about 8 years old, also came that day.  The puppy thought it was soooo much fun, grabbing the long fur on one of the dog’s chest, apparently, this dog tolerated it for a few minutes then grabbed the puppy by the back of the neck shook him violently……puppy did not survive 🙁   This puppy should not have been allowed to mix with the big boys, there are a few other things that were wrong with this picture, but this was the biggest problem.
  • What is the protocol for disease prevention – most facilities have very good disease control with disinfectant and requiring up to date vaccines.
  • What is the protocol for parasites – most facilities do a great job as keeping their facilities parasite free, but please know, that if a dog goes on a trail walk the day before and comes to daycare today, the facility will kill any parasites that may shed in the facility, but if the dogs are kissing and grooming one another, they can spread the parasites to one another.  It’s good to check for parasites with your vet at least 2-4 times a year, more if you frequent places with many dogs, such as daycares and dog parks.
  • What is the protocol for a dog fight – if dogs start fighting, how do they safely break it up fast.
  • What is the protocol if there is a fire – All facilities need a fire protocol to get all pets out of the building safely.  Also ask about the sprinkler system, when was it last maintained and tested.  
  • What is the person to dog ratio –should be one person in the group for every 20 dogs. This is for your dogs’ safety.  That is still ALOT of dogs for one person to keep an eye on.  Attendees should be continually walking around and watching the dogs.  The person should not be sitting, texting or on Facebook!
  • Is there certain drop off and pickup times? – some facilities want dogs dropped off all in the same time frame and picked up later around the same times.  In essence, this makes sense because all the dogs get all excited when dogs enter or leave and then they settle down.  Dogs entering and leaving are the times that problems happen the most, dog fights, etc.  So, some facilities won’t accept dogs after a certain time for safety.
  • What is the earliest I can drop off – If you start work at 7am and the earliest they open is 8am, this won’t work for you
  • What is the latest I can pick up – If you work until 6pm and there latest pick up time is 5pm, this won’t work for you
  • Does it cost extra if I’m too early or too late or are the doors locked – in the case of not picking up in time you would pay a boarding fee, but many facilities charge a early or late fee if someone needs to be there for you


The best dog for Daycare

  • Non stop high energy dogs that get along with every dog they meet. Do you have one of those? A dog that will play non stop for 4 plus hours. This is the perfect dog for daycare.


Dogs that are not a candidate for Daycare nor Mid Day Let Out

  • Dogs that are aggressive towards people, dogs that have bitten people. For safety of all employees, you should never consider your aggressive or biting dog for either of these services.

If you still want to use a daycare, we have two clients whose dogs do better if daycare and mid day visits are alternated, such as mid day visits are scheduled for every Mon-Wed-Fri and use Daycare every Tues-Thurs. the constant go go go for these dogs was too much. They were cranky pants at home.

If you think that a great Professional Pet Sitting Company sounds more you style, please feel free to use my guides above to find the right one for you in your area.  Even though you may not be in my area, if you have any questions about pet sitting, please don’t hesitate to call or email me.  I love helping if I can!!

I hope you found this interesting and helpful.




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