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House Training Puppies

Golden retriever puppy looking guilty from his punishment

I’m sorry, Mom….

How To Train Your Puppy

To Not Go To The Bathroom In Your House

Author, Dorinne Whynott, for Professional Pet Sitting Etc

We may love our dogs, but certain behavior can make it difficult to enjoy the relationship we want with them. When puppies pee in the house, we get so frustrated.  This frustration can make training difficult from the point of love. It is important to note that not all dog training techniques have effective results, some potty training skills are complex, but other techniques are easy to implement. Here are some steps to house train your puppy.

Step 1 – Introduce the puppy to its new home and the family

It is very normal to experience anxiety, joy, fear and curiosity when you get to a new environment and meet new faces. This also happens to puppies. From day one set the foundation for the long-term relationship with the pet and establish routines to be carried out every day. Consistently follow them for your puppy to learn quickly.

Step 2  – Understand the puppy’s breed needs and behavior

For you to properly carry out house training for your new puppy, you should learn more about the breed characteristics before you begin the training. There are those breeds that will learn faster than others, those that will be more stubborn than others.  Hopefully, you have learned everything about the breed prior to bringing him home, but if not, please do it now.  It will help in the long run.  To avoid the feeling of disappointment when training your puppy, you should know what to expect and what not to expect from that specific breed of dog. Understand how the dog communicates when it needs to go to the bathroom.  Study their cues so you can help them in time before they have an accident in the house.

Step 3 – Always keep an eye on the puppy

During potty training time, keep an eye on the puppy so you can detect early signs indicating he needs to go. When they begin to circle, whine, sniff, scratch, or suddenly change behavior, you need to be on the alert and bring the puppy out of the house to the designated potty area.

Step 4 – Interrupt accidents

The instant you catch your puppy relieving himself in the house, startle him with a sudden noise, like clapping and immediately lead it outside. Just startle, do not scare. This will let them know you do not approve of their action. Being consistent in the same startling action or word will help the dog understand and learn to do the right thing by going outdoors. Do not punish them for accidents; they know when you are not pleased. Forcing the puppy to smell its mess will only make it fear you and will not help in building your relationship. All pets know their own scent.  Punishment will also send the wrong message; the puppy may understand that you don’t want them going to the bathroom inside and this could make them do it in hidden places that you cannot reach.

Step 5 – Choose a potty area

When you pick an area outdoors for the dog and take him there each time to go to the bathroom, the dog will learn and associate that location with peeing and pooping. Choose an area that is easy to clean and can be reached quickly in case of accidents.

Avoid areas where other dogs have gone until your pup has received his third set of vaccines. This is to protect the puppy from catching infections that may be detrimental to its health.

Step 6 – Pick a particular command or word

Use a potty command like “Go” or “Go Potty” or “Hurry Up”, each time you take the puppy outside.   They will begin to associate the command to going to the bathroom. Consistently using one command will speed up the learning process and avoid any confusion.

Step 7 – Praise any success

Each time the puppy uses the appropriate area without any accidents,  appreciate it cheerfully and always let puppy know you are pleased. When you do this consistently, they are emotionally driven to do even better and avoid peeing in the house.

Step 8 – Make potty time relaxing and fun after

When the puppy is happy about potty time, it will always look forward to it. Train the dog to hold until the right time. Play Time or taking a walk, after potty time can be a reward they expect and can encourage them to wait. Never interrupt the puppy when going to the bathroom in the designated potty area.  We want to create a relaxing environment that they can enjoy. A treat afterward can encourage and help house train efficiently in possibly a shorter time.

Step 9 – Clean after accidents immediately

Cleaning the area inside where your puppy had an accident, will stop them from wanting to go there again. Use an enzymatic cleaner to remove the odor that can attract the dog back to that area. Using ammonia-based cleaners will do the opposite since urine also contains ammonia. White vinegar also works well to counter the smell of ammonia. If you have wall to wall carpeting, you may need to have a professional come in to clean areas thoroughly.  If you can, opt for bare floors, like tile or hardwood.  They are much easier to keep clean.

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Enjoy your Puppy for a lifetime!!



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