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Professional Pet Sitting Etc Privacy Policy

Professional Pet Sitting Etc Privacy Policy


Our Privacy Policy is VERY simple.

We value your privacy as we do our own.  To be able to care for your pets as we do, we require alot of information.  We also pet sit for thousands of people who are very private, as we are.

We never give away or sell your information, EVER.  Your email, names and information are only used within our company.

Thank you for trusting us with your pet care.

Dorinne Whynott

Professional Pet Sitting Etc

Is There A Better Way To Elect a President


Therè has to be a better way for all of us!
There has to be a better way for all of us!

My Thoughts on Our Election Process for President

by Dorinne Whynott

November 9, 2016

I am very proud to be an American and love my country but I absolutely HATE our election process. The following is my opinion and I know many people may or may not agree with me, and that is okay.  This is just one person’s opinion.

After enduring the past year of our election process and seeing one of the worst in my lifetime, I am reminded how I have always hated how we run our elections.  It brings out so much conflict.  This year, it brought out the worst in all of us.  We were so divided in our convictions that many resorted to hate and violence.
We live in a civilized world with the most advanced technology to date.
Why do we not have a more productive and civilized process to elect our next president?
I have said this before and I will say it again –  the way we have elections is the most unproductive process I have ever witnessed.
Keep in mind that these candidates are applying to WORK FOR US.
They are promising to do a good job FOR US,  to represent our feelings, ideals and beliefs.
Why should we not want them to SHOW us what they have done for good in the past, present and future.
Why can we not CHANGE the current process so that we can make a better informed decision on who will do what we want.
So, we can make an informed decision on Who will do the best job FOR US.
I am sorry to say that with the current process, we are all unable to make an informed decision, it is just a GUESS.
Why?  because we really do not know these people.  Do you disagree?  Well, I still do not know if the emails were a problem and if his taxes will show something we would all not like.  You know what?  THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE.
We should know every single thing about all the people who want our VOTE and we should not give that vote if we have any question unanswered.  So, why do we allow this?
The people who want out vote, want us to give them the most powerful job in the world and
Resumes and Life Charts –
Since these people want US to HIRE them and PAY them for the most important job in America, why is it, that we do not know everything about them. Why not have an independent sworn company, vet all candidates for all voted in positions.  They will do thorough research and make thorough reports for all of US.  All of the research would be from the time they were born (yup, those birth certificates need to be authenticated, so we do not have this issue again) to present day.  We really should know the people we are voting for, inside and out, driving records, job records, background checks.
Oh but you say that would not be right.  They have a right to their privacy……Uh, no they do not.  They have chosen to be in this.  They have chosen to want OUR vote.  They have chosen to REPRESENT US. Therefore, they have forfeited their right to privacy for the job.  If that bothers them, the simple solution is do not go into the public sector job!! If they choose to NOT be in the public sector then they have the right to their privacy.
Truth – Why is this not one of the CORE rules?
It should never be up to the public to have to FIND the truth. The candidates, the election process and all of America, should DEMAND  all information from the election is
” The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”.
Our election process and all that it entails should be held to a higher standard since it affects ALL of us. In this election, there were so many untruths,  stories that were false,  and made up stories being circulated by everyone, no one knew what was true and what was not. We all had to GUESS.
Is this really how you want this to be?  I know I do not.
Again, How can anyone make a decision without all of the CORRECT information?
Popular Vote –
Why is it that people do not feel like their vote matters?  One reason may be because of what happened this election and another election not too long ago.
I can see why they have the electoral vote, it does help to decide who won relatively quickly and to make sure that a majority is represented correctly.  However, in a very close race, if the popular vote exceeds the electoral vote, then I believe EVERY VOTE SHOULD COUNT.  The popular vote should always supercede the electoral vote because the people have spoken.
Deeds –
Why do we not vote for a person on the good deeds one is doing and has done in their life?
Imagine if instead of spending the millions and millions of dollars on advertising, making only the tv stations, radio and print advertising rich,  Imagine if all of that money was put to a good use. Where the candidates put that money towards a project dear to their hearts and we judge them on a job well done. Imagine eradicating hunger, or homelessness or something every FOUR years!!!
Just imagine the good all of those millions of dollars could do!!
Why do we give up our most precious right, OUR VOTE, to a person we do know know 100%?
One of the reasons, that many people are feeling very uneasy the day after this 2016 election, is because we really do not know the candidate that was elected.  It does not matter what you think of him.  What matters is that we really DO NOT KNOW HIM.  We are completely at his mercy as to what he will or will not do.
Personally, at this stage of the game, we should all feel like the best candidate won, because we have ALL of the information.  We know him inside and out from the day he was born.  We have been able to vet him, ask him all the questions, read his life history, know his financial situation and feel like he is the best person to represent US, all of America. But we do not…….
And my feelings are not just for this election, I have felt this about every single election.
After we have all witnessed the most ugly process in our lifetime this year, our country now has the important task of coming together as Americans and heal.
I wish our President Elect much strength in bringing our divided America together and hope that he will be a great president.
God Bless America!

Employee Phone List 2019

Updated November 2018
Concord Susan Bowie  (am/pm only) 858-0580 Concord
 Hollis  Jamie Maggs  759-6590 Hollis
 Pelham  Melissa Lamoureux  508-2726 Pelham
 Hudson  Timothy Mooradian  689-3831 Hudson
 Manchester  Beth Cailler – not available  303-0174
Milford  Kerry Gray 521-2691
 Nashua Rebecca Fuller 234-8460
 Donna Lewis  921-8568
Rachelle Whynott  566-2921 cell
Dorinne Whynott 888-6636 use first 566-1145 cell

Schedules – Marking Arrival/Departures

Step by Step Guide to Marking Arrivals

& Departures On your Online Schedule


1 – Go to

2 – Scroll down to where it says employee schedule and click on that button

LT 9

3 – Login with your username and password

LT 10

4 – Your schedule will now pop up

LT 1

5 – When you are at a clients house click the green check mark to the right of their name
This should be done in the client’s driveway

6 – When it says leashtime would like to use your location click “Ok”

LT 2

7 – Then click the blue down arrow button that says “Just Arrived”

LT 3

8 – This will tell you what time you arrived, now click “Ok”

LT 4

Your screen should now look like this

LT 5

9 – When you are ready to leave click the green arrow button to the right of the clients name, as you see in the above picture

Make sure that you have given the pets 25 minutes for a regular visit and 50 minutes for an extended visit
This should be done in the client’s driveway

10 – When it says leashtime would like to use your location click “Ok”

LT 6

Hit “OK”,

11 – Then you will see, Press the button that says “Mark Complete”

LT 7

The box for that client should now turn green

LT 8

Your are DONE !!

Pet Agreement Accidents

Inside accidents or bathroom area


For dogs that are allowed to go to the bathroom in the house and those that have any accidents in the house

  • Please make sure that we have plenty of pee pads, paper towels and trash bags.
  • We will clean up as best we can in the time allotted.
  • We will place the trash outside or in your garage to keep odor down.
  • If you have a strict routine, you may want to get your dogs ready weeks prior to your going away to only go out to the bathroom during the times that you plan on making a reservation.
  • We will try very hard to get to your home for any specific requested time, but it may not be possible and may arrive at any time during our time periods.


Why can we not do specific times –

  • It will all depend on where you fall in our route on any given day.  There can be times that another pet may need extra time because they are not feeling well or they have had a terrible accident or any other reason.  Or there could be a lot of traffic or an accident or we run into a very long train that will hold us up.
  •  So, you may need to get your dog used to going to the bathroom at any time during our time periods. We will try to space out your visits during the day as best we can, so that your dog is not holding it too long.


The majority of dogs never have accidents in our care but if your dog is not one of them here are some reasons why this may happen –

  • You are home during the day and your dog is used to going out whenever they want
  • Your dogs’ routine is completely different than our time periods
  • Your dog may have anxiety
  • Your dog may not like any changes in routine
  • Your dog may have a medical condition – bladder issues or UTI
  • Your dog has had accidents in your home before
  • Your dog is not fully housebroken
  • You allow your dog to go on newspapers or pee pads
  • Your dog is used to going outside to the bathroom more than 3 times per day.


Here is the guideline according to the Animal Hospital –

  • A good way to gauge how long a puppy can stay home alone without making a mess is to use a common formula based on age: Add 1 to his age in months for a rough estimate of how long he can hold his bladder. For instance, a 3-month-old puppy might be able to hold his bladder for about four hours.
  • At the age of 6 months and older, gauging this duration won’t be necessary, because from here on your dog will most likely be able to hold his bladder for up to NINE hours.
  • At night, dogs can go up to 12 hours.


If your dog has an accident  –

  • We will try our best to have your pet go to the bathroom as often as we are scheduled.  However, we can not make your dog go, if they choose not to go.
  • You may want to have longer visit times or add visits.
  • However, we can not be held responsible if your dog chooses to not wait for those visits.
  • COMMAND – If you have a potty command, let us know and we will definitely use it.
  • GATED AREA – Keep your dog in an area that is gated from the rest of the house, where it is okay if there is an accident, maybe a bathroom with tile floor or linoleum, something easy to clean and will not get damaged
  • RUGS – If your dog has gone to the bathroom on a particular rug at least once, PICK IT UP and remove it while you are away
  • CRATING – Try crating your pet, but if you will be gone for a while, it will be best to keep in an area
  • BEDDING – in case of a small accident in the bedding, make sure to leave us extra bedding and let us know where you wish for us to put soiled bedding
  • WATER – many people want us to limit water or to only give water for our visit times.  We prefer to not do this because all animals should have access to water at all times.  However, We will pick up the water to help during short reservations.
  • AGAIN – Keep in mind, We will try very hard to have your dog go to the bathroom while we are there at our scheduled visit, but if your dog chooses to not go, we can not make them.
  • If you wish for us to stay until your dog goes to the bathroom, let us know and we will add on time to accommodate when this happens (if we can fit it into the schedule)  or choose extended visits when making your reservations, most dogs do go in the time frame. This may NOT be available at all times.
  • We will clean accidents as best we can with water and paper towels only. We will try to get to all accidents we see.
  • We can not spend time washing floors unless you make reservations for extended visits to accommodate this, there simply is not enough time in a regular visit. Please leave  a bucket filled with your floor cleaner and mop and we will do this for extended visits after we use paper towels to clean up the accident.
  • Also, if your dog does have accidents at any time,  After you have been away from your home for any time, when you arrive home, you may notice any odors much more.
  • Unfortunately, we can not prevent an odor lingering if your pet has an accident.

Since we are not at your home 24 hours, we can not prevent your pet from going to the bathroom in your home when we are not there.  Because we can not control any pet from having an accident we are not responsible for anything that may result in damage due to any pet accident.

Thank You

20 – Writing Notes to Clients 101

Writing Notes for Clients 101


Pet Sitter Notes to be left for Clients

Good notes make happy clients and happy clients usually leave good tips!

So here are some Do’s and Don’ts

Do NOT Sign your name to ANY note to clients

Why?  because clients get upset if there is a new pet sitter.  Sometimes they will cancel or they will want to meet everyone and we do not have time for that.  This goes even if you have met the client.  If a client is asking you questions, call and speak with Dori (you should not be asking any questions about anything to clients without speaking to office).

Sign all notes with –

  • Thank you
  • Thank you for using Professional Pet Sitting Etc.
  • Hope you have a great day
  • Etc

Always use a pet’s NAME

For Example – Do not use

  • long haired cat,
  • beagle,
  • white dog, etc


For example – Do not write –

  • Your long haired cat was so lovable,
  • your beagle loved playing with his toy


This will get you on the clients’ bad side very quickly

If you can not remember the pets’ names and do not have internet to look up names,

try using

  • Your pup
  • Your fur baby
  • The girls (or boys)

The above is more personal than using the beagle or the cat

You can also preface the above with an adjective – Your amazing pup, your beautiful girls

Best to use Pet’s name, though


Never ever put anything negative or even slightly negative in a note. 

Clients will only think it was your fault somehow.  If there is anything going on, not eating, etc, call the office.

For example –

  • your dog did not eat much,
  • your dog had an accident,
  • your cat never came out,
  • I did not see your cat (you should try to at least see each cat)


Always observe and put something in your note about what the pet did

For example –

  • Bocci loves to tell stories!
  • Sunday loves to people watch!
  • Gilda loves her belly rubs!
  • Dewy loves to cuddle!
  • Luna loves to help write notes (as she sits on the notepad)!
  • Deja loves to play hide and seek
  • Merlin loves to play chase me
  • Linus loves to snuggle in my lap
  • Lulu loves to lay on my head!
  • Danny loves to follow me around and inspect everything I do!
  • Darby and Sarah love to show off their tricks!


Here are some notes.  You can copy and use , just change the wording and make sure that what you are writing about each pet is true.

Template –  Structure your notes like this

For Vacation Notes


Welcome Home! (Pet’s names) were (positive word) for me. (Personalize with things that you noticed their pet like to do. Some funny things they did and/or what you did together). We had so much fun together!

I hope you had a (positive word) time away. Please give the office a call (888-8088) or send us an e-mail and let us know you have arrived home and (Pets names) are taken care of.

Thank you so much for my tip!

Thank you for choosing Professional Pet Sitting Etc.


Example 1 – For a dog


Welcome Home! Shiloh was fantastic for me. He met me at the door every visit, he couldn’t wait to get out and enjoy the weather. He showed me all his favorite places to investigate and sniff around. He also made sure to get tons of lovins! He loved getting his belly rubs! We had so much fun together!

I hope you had a fantastic time away. Please give the office a call (888-8088) or send us an e-mail and let us know you have arrived home and Shiloh is are care of.

Thank you so much for my tip!

Thank you for choosing Professional Pet Sitting Etc.


Example 2 – For cats


Welcome Home! Pebbles and Bam-Bam were great for me. They were a little shy at first but warmed up quickly . Pebbles loved playing with the ribbon wand, the minute we started playing her eyes would light up. Bam-Bam didn’t seem to mind the ribbon wand but preferred to be in my lap getting lovins. We had a good system going where Bam-Bam would be in my lap while his sister played. We had so much fun together!

I hope you had a wonderful time away. Please give the office a call (888-8088) or send us an e-mail and let us know you have arrived home and Pebbles & Bam-Bam are taken care of.

Thank you so much for my tip!

Thank you for choosing Professional Pet Sitting Etc.


Quick Mid Day Note Examples –


On Monday you can say, hope you  had a (adjective) weekend

The Pups were great today. Both Sunday and Maddy had fun rolling in all the leaves.

Hope you had a nice (fabulous, great, wonderful, fantastic, awesome, lovely) Day.

At the end of the week, you can say, I hope you have a (adjective) weekend, I will be back next Tuesday (or whenever you are scheduled).

Here are some things you may observe –

Bam Bam and I had a great time today in the sun.

The chipmunks were really teasing Mona today.

The girls were very interested in all the construction going on next door.

I had a great time with Maddy and Sunday today.

Sometimes, short and sweet is better than long and impersonal, like you did not enjoy the pets and the pets did not enjoy you.

If you have a doubt about ANYTHING, do not leave it in a note.  Call the office first.

Clients get offended and upset for the smallest thing, so please be careful what you write.


Pet Agreement Medical

Professional Pet Sitting Etc  Service Agreement

Medical Conditions, Medications, Diabetics, Fluid Therapy and Veterinary Release


GENERAL MEDICATIONS , Supplements, Herbs, etc

Clients must prepare correct dosages. If pills need to be cut in half, quarters, etc, or if liquids need to be measured, it is the responsibility of the owner to prepare each dosage so the sitter just needs to administer.  If client does not prepare dosages and PPSE must prepare correct dose, PPSE is not responsible for any mis-measured dosage of medication, no exceptions. PPSE will not be responsible for any liability for medical/financial for any occurrences resulting in dosage mistakes made by owner or PPSE.

Our preference is for you to prepare doses and place in a pill container or a separate ziploc, one days dose per bag/slot.

We will administer veterinary approved medications orally or topically.  In some areas we can also administer insulin to diabetic animals and IV fluids to those who may need it. Due to our time constraints, Pet(s) must be easy to administer any medications, otherwise, you may need to make other arrangements.  Pet(s) must not be aggressive/biting while administering medications.  If you believe that there is any possible problem, them a test visit will need to be done before any pet care can be scheduled.  This test visit will be done while you are not home to ensure that the pet will be okay.  This test visit will be charged as a visit.  If pet is uncooperative to give medications to at any time, owner will be notified and owner will be responsible to make alternate arrangements.  PPSE is not responsible for any medical/financial problems that may result from medication(s) not being given or if pet vomit/spits out any medication or if pet can not be found to give medication.


Giving Pets Medications/supplements/herbs

Make sure that all medications are online, remember we only go by what you put online for pet care.

For us to give any medication, supplement, herb that is NOT put in their food, your pet  –

  • Must NOT hide,
  • must NOT be shy,
  • must NOT be hard or aggressive in any way.

Keep in mind that your pet is used to YOU and in YOUR routine.

Your pet is not used to us or in a routine with us.


ALL Medications/supplements/herbs –

Must put in your reservation – in the drop down menu, choose

  • “medications/supplements given” (there is a charge for each given)
  • Choose the time and day

We do give pets medications, and we want to ensure that this is done in a way that both pet and pet sitter have a good experience.

BEST WAY, is for all medications, etc to be given in food –

  • If at all possible, we would rather give medications in a food that your pet absolutely loves and just gobbles up both food and medication.
  • This can be in the pet’s actual food or in something like a hot dog, cheese, cream cheese, yogurt or treat of some sort.
  • It must be something that the pet LOVES and will eat, no matter what.



  • For all medications, please go to the Dollar Store or Walmart and pick up a 7 day container (or 2 if you are going away for more than 7 days) and place the medications in each container.
  • If your pets takes medications multiple times per day, then buy a container that allows that for each day.
  • You can do the same thing if you want to separate medications into a ziploc bag and label the days and times. Use one bag per dosage time – for example one ziploc would contain any medication given for Monday at morning visit, the second ziploc would contain all medications for the Monday night visit.

Make sure to cut any pills in correct dosages.  We will not cut medications.

Keep in mind, that your pet is in a routine with you and they may be very easy or tolerant of you giving medications.

In many situations, they are not that way with others.



  • If your pet is good at getting these medications, we will do our best
  • BEST would be to get these medications compounded and put in food


SHY PETS, pets that hide or are hard to give medications in any way –

  • If you have a pet that is shy or hides, we can not chase or look for pet hiding under beds. It is very scary to the pets and risks a pet sitter being bit (even if your pet have never bitten).
  • Chasing shy pets does not make your pet or the pet sitter have a good experience.
  • Shy pets also learn very quickly that we are only there for a short time and do their best to use up that time hiding very well.


If you have a pet that is shy but easy to medicate –

  • we suggest putting your pet in a room (with food, water and litterbox) with nothing to hide under or in, then we can easily get to your pet and give medication
  • If your pet becomes unwilling, then we may not be able to give medications orally/topically, and would need to put in food that your pet will readily eat.

SHY PETS that hides, are hard to medicate, or may be aggressive, scratch or nip/bite –

  • we suggest putting your pet in a room by themselves, with food, water and litterbox.
  • We would need to put medications  in food that your pet will readily eat at their leisure.



  • If your pet needs medications and can take medications in food but you have a second pet, then we would suggest, separating your pets.
  • Let the one who needs medications stay in a bedroom with food, water and litterbox, so they can eat all food with medication without the other pet getting into it.


COMPOUND medications –

  • If you have only one very shy pet and it is a pill, ask your veterinarian if it can be put in food or compounded into a tasty treat.
  • Many pets on thyroid medication can have the ointment medication compounded into a treat.



  • Whenever possible, the best thing is preparing food and medication ahead and placing in portion size bowls, covered in your refrigerator.
  • We will take out one portion for each feeding.
  • We know this is not possible for many medications.


For ANY and ALL Medications not given –

  • We are pet care specialists, we are NOT veterinarians
  • Unfortunately, pets can be very good at not taking medications, even spitting a pill out after we are gone or eating around the medication in food, therefore we can not be responsible for any medication not given while in our care or any problems resulting in medications not given.
  • We also can not be responsible for any inaccuracies of dosing
  • My own cat is very good at spitting pills out after I let her go. I have found her pill on different occasions in strange places around my home and I am VERY good at pilling!!
  • If you have any reservation about medications that may not be given or if you are worried about this, you may want to make a reservation to board your pet with your veterinarian while you are away

We will do our best with willing pets.



We do have a Protocol and it will be sent to you

  • Insulin MUST be pre-filled in syringes, needle up, in your refrigerator.
  • There should be as many syringes we need for the length of time you will need pet care.
  • You must leave Karo Syrup on your counter and Updated Veterinary information.



In some areas we do have pet sitters who are capable of providing fluid therapy to pets that require it.  Please call our office.


Veterinary Release  –

  1. In the event of illness or injury related to my pet(s), I hereby authorize PPSE as my pet care provider, to bring my pet(s) for whatever medical treatment may be required.  If my specific veterinary hospital is not available for any reason, or is not within a 10-15 minute driving distance, or the emergency should happen after regular office hours, I further authorize PPSE to take my pet(s) to the nearest emergency veterinarian hospital which can render assistance.  Client certifies this authorization is true and valid, and client authorizes Professional Pet Sitting Etc. (herein known as PPSE)  to give the Veterinarian providing services, the credit card on file for payment or to hold credit card until client returns to assume full financial responsibility of any and all services rendered and client does not hold PPSE or any Veterinary Hospital or any employee, financially responsible in anyway.
  1. Client agrees to pay PPSE any fees involved for transportation and time. Client will release PPSE and employees from all liabilities related to transportation, treatment and any expenses.
  2. Client understands that this release form will be in effect until they notify the Veterinary Hospital and PPSE of any cancellation in writing.
  3. Client also certifies that they are the registered animal’s owner, that these pets have never bitten anyone, are up to date on all vaccinations, as recommended by the AVMA, including Rabies by law, and all pets are healthy. If for whatever reason, the pets are not up to date on all vaccinations, Client knows and assumes all risks, liabilities, financials and responsibilities.  Client releases PPSE from all legal, medical and financial liabilities resulting from pets not vaccinated or due to any health issues.  Client further gives permission to veterinary hospital to release all pet’s medical information to PPSE.
  4. Client authorizes Veterinary Hospital, PPSE and its employees to approve medical and/or emergency treatment (excluding euthanasia) as recommended by a veterinarian in the event owner can not be reached.
  5. Client understands they may need to call their emergency person to transport and stay with their pet at the hospital, if for any reason PPSE is unable to do so.
  6. Every time Client goes away, before leaving they will call their destination and cell phone numbers into our office and also leave these numbers in a note to the pet sitter.

Pet Agreement Payments

Professional Pet Sitting Etc  Service Agreement

Payments, Credit Cards, Tips & Gift Certificates



Client will pre-pay full payment approximately 10-30 days prior to the first day of services.  We do not bill or send statements/invoices.  Late/stop payments, returned checks, etc.  will incur extra charges, may result in loss of service and Client will be responsible for all collections fees.  Client will pay ALL balances due before new services can start.  No refunds will be issued in checks or on credit cards – limited refunds will be in credits for future services ONLY.  If for any reason you will need a bill/invoice, there is a billing fee.  Billing fees and all services must be paid with account at a zero balance before a bill/invoice is issued.

PPSE reserves the right to change any and all Prices at any time without notification.



We accept Mastercard and Visa, or Debit card with Visa/MC logo.

Clients are required to give a valid credit card at time of registration and will notify the PPSE of the credit card number, expiration date, 3 digit code and exact name on the card to keep in office file at all times.

Clients with credit cards on file, authorize PPSE by agreeing to this service agreement, to accept verbal/phone/fax/email/online reservations and to charge their credit card accounts for any services.

Client understands that their credit cards on file will be charged 14-30 days prior to services starting and for any non or late payments, returned checks, any late fees, balances due, etc. and authorize PPSE to do so.

Client understands there are added charges for any emergency care, services, long distance phone calls, any surcharges, provisions, extra expenses, not included in original payments, etc.

It is the responsibility of the Client to keep their credit cards up to date and valid, if credit cards are denied, a credit card denial charge will be added.

It is important for credit cards to always be valid and updated as new cards are issued,  especially if emergency pet care is needed while we are pet sitting.

For any services scheduled during the month, credit cards will be charged for the entire month generally the week prior to the beginning of every month.  For any added services not charged, credit cards can be charged  before services begin or added to the next months charges.

Any credits will be for future services ONLY, NO exceptions.

Once a credit card is charged, no refunds will be issued on a credit card.

For limited refunds, only credit for future services will be issued, NO exceptions, see below.



Any charge backs or reverse charges for any reason will incur an extra charge of 100-150

We are VERY credit card compliant and have had our policies approved.

All office approved refunds are given in credit for future service.


PAYING BY CHECK and other payment information

We will no longer be accepting any paper checks.  If you wish to pay be check, you will need to use your DEBIT bank card with a Visa/Mastercard logo on it.

If you wish to pay with Cash, you must call the office to make arrangements.


GIFT CERTIFICATES, Free Visit Coupons  and Credits-

If you have any donated gift certificates or free visit coupons, write your name on the front and mail them to us to arrive 14 days prior to your start date of services.  Keep in mind that only 1 gift certificate can be used per month and only a total of One Free visit coupon can be used per household.

Gift Certificates and credit for services that are not used one year from issue date will be forfeited and canceled.  No further credits/refunds will be issued.



Leaving tips are a personal choice.  Tips are ALWAYS greatly appreciated.  If you choose to leave a tip for your pet sitter, please clearly mark that it is for them to take.

We prefer that tips NOT be included in payment, however since many clients do this, any amount over and above due for services will be considered a tip.

Be Aware – Tips included in payments MUST be claimed by PPSE as income and taxed – whatever is leftover will be paid to the pet sitter in their paycheck and they will be taxed as income.

Tips should be left as CASH, if you need to write a check, make it out to CASH, if it is another pet sitter then the one named on the check, they will not get their tip.

Pet Agreement Packages

Professional Pet Sitting Etc  Service Agreement

Package Plans


Package Plans for Mid-Day/Dog Walking –

Please ask for prices on 1 year packages for Silver, Gold or Platinum


Bronze Package 1 year Monday – Friday

Prices start at 22/visit for ONE  visit per day

Puppy Bronze Package 1 year 

Prices start at 22/visit for each visit.  We can start with TWO visits per day and go down to ONE per day as the puppy becomes housebroken

Teacher Bronze Package for the School Year

Prices start at 22 for ONE visit per day. Time off will be given for all school vacations.  You will be responsible for cancelling all school vacations 30 or more days prior to the dates cancelling.  Only full Monday – Friday weeks will be credited.

Custom Package 1 year

Mix/Match, price to be determined


You will be charged monthly on your credit card.  The monthly charge is determined by your package price.

Charges are determined by Fridays in the month.  So if there are FOUR  Fridays, we will charge 4 weeks for that month.  If there are FIVE Fridays, we will charge for FIVES weeks in that month.

Credit cards are charged  about 14 days prior to the beginning of each month, this will enable you to update or change if there is a problem with your card.  If you have more than 3 pets, each pet over 3 will be an additional charge.

You are receiving a premium mid day slot and it can not be given to anyone else.  You have a discounted price and it gives you SAVINGS from our regular prices.  If you do become ill and wish for a sitter to not come, you are welcome to call, or leave a note on your door if you wish for her to not enter.  However, we can still take your dog out, if you wish.  There is no discount for cancellations due to these discounts.



If you do have a 1 or 2 week vacation.  Please let us know as soon as possible,  6 weeks in advance is preferable, a minimum of 30 days advance notice.  This will enable us to open up your slot for that week to another lucky dog and your pet sitter will not lose income.  You will receive NO charge for that week only.  If you cancel with a 30 day notice and your credit card has already been charged for that month, you will receive that weeks credit on the next month.  If you cancel in less than 30 days, you will only receive a credit for that week if we are able to fill in your mid day slot with someone else. You must cancel for the entire week (Monday  through Friday) to get a credit.

*All of our prices are subject to change without notification.  If any prices change, you will be at the price for your selected contract discount package, unless you pre-pay the entire package contract in full, then the price will only change after the paid contract is fulfilled.

If you must cancel service, please give us written notice a minimum of 30 days prior to your end anniversary date.  If we do not hear from you,  we will automatically begin another term with a new end anniversary date.  This is important, so we can make sure that schedules are correct for the benefit of your pets and all pet sitters. If you must cancel before the end of your contract, the cancellation fee is the price of one month of your package service.

See Cancellations in the Service Agreement Cancellation Section

Pet Agreement Services

Professional Pet Sitting Etc  

Service Agreement



ALL pets in the home must be included in EVERY pet care visit for the entire reservation when you are away on a trip.  We will not care for dogs on all visits and the cat on just one visit.  No animal will be ignored and will be included in every visit.

The ONLY time we will NOT include ALL pets, will be when we are walking dogs or playing with kitties at a Mid Day Visit while an owner is at work and the owners will be home morning and night of that day.

We are a Pre-Pay company.  This means that ALL reservations will be prepaid before services start.

We charge per VISIT/service NOT by time. 

Time is used as a guideline.  See below Under Visits Explained at the end of this page.

All prices are subject to change at any time without notification and everything is prepaid.

Holiday surcharges will be applied to all visits on all holidays and weekend surcharges will be applied to all weekend services on saturday/sunday.

The prices below are starting prices. Most people will be at the prices you see.

A difference in prices can be due to longer than 10 minute travel, number of pets in home, time needed, more care then our normal service, holidays, etc.

Most people with 1-3 pets, located in the middle of our service area will fall on the lower price.

Our services below can be a combination, you don’t have to have all regular visits, you can have a few regular visits with extended visits for more playtime or whatever you choose.



Our services are leveled as Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum

To understand what these mean, see Visit Lengths of time, please scroll way down for explanation.  These are NOT the times spent at a home.  They are guidelines for schedules and making reservations.

When you are making a reservation, there will be a drop down menu with alot of choices.  Below is a few examples of what you may need for a service.  The services are further explained in this article. As always, feel free to call, if you have any questions.

If you are away on a TRIP

  • Choose
    • Pet Care (choose Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum)

What if I only need a SUPPER VISIT

  • Choose
    • Pet Care (choose Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum)

If you are at WORK and will be home Am & Pm

  • Choose
    • Dog Walk/Mid Day(choose Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum)
    • Feline Fun Time(choose Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum)

If you have a DIABETIC pet or your pet needs FLUIDS

  • Choose
    • Medical Visit(choose Silver, Gold and Platinum)



We provide our pet care services 365 days a year , 1 to 4 visits per day, for all confirmed reservations whether our office is open or closed.

ALL pets in the home must be included in EVERY pet care visit for the entire reservation.  We will not care for dogs on all visits and the cat on just one visit.  No animal will be ignored and will be included in every visit.  The ONLY time we will not include ALL pets, will be when we are walking dogs while an owner is at work and the owners will be home morning and night of that day.

Visits are usually scheduled daily from 6am – 9pm.

We at PPSE, try our best to keep to any agreed time(s) but in our business of pets and etc., we reserve the right to use our best judgment in all aspects of how & when we do our visits, in the best interest of employees, ALL pets concerned and to conserve time & gas.

All visit times include all travel time to client’s home from a pet sitters home, time left will be used for pet care.

As a crime deterrence we may try to not do visits at exactly the same time every day.

Your visits could be done at anytime during the time periods below.

If you have a time preference, we will try to follow that but cannot guarantee any times due to unforeseen things, traffic, weather, pets needing extra care, emergencies, etc.

We will ALWAYS try to conserve time and gas by combining visits that are close or in the same areas.

This means that AM visits for felines with no restrictions maybe moved closer to Mid Day and Supper visits may be moved closer to PM visits.

Due to unforeseen circumstances (emergencies, traffic, accidents, etc.)  visits may be done outside of these time periods without any notification to ensure that all pets are cared for.

Otherwise, these are the general approximate time periods we follow:

  • AM/ Morning Visits       5am – 9am
  • MID/Work-day Visits   10am to 3pm
  • Supper Visits                       4pm to 7pm
  • PM/ Night Visits               7pm to 9pm

Maximum number of visits to one address in one day is four (4).

Remember that you are paying for a pet sitter’s time to come to your home, which saves you stress, time, gas and money.

All scheduled paid visits include up to a 10 minute travel time to your home and the time left will be spent for pet care (unless you live farther than 10 minutes, then all travel time round trip must be included).

The remaining time starts  when the sitters exits the car at your home and ends when they return to their car.

During these visits pet sitters are required to check in with our office and will write you a short note, so you know a sitter was there.

Longer visits include all of the services as our regular visits with more time to spend with your pets or in some cases must include travel to your home.

Schedule well in advance for scheduling Silver, Gold and Platinum visits or custom time visit reservations.

Some visits or custom time visits may not be available on holidays and/or heavily scheduled days and/or in some areas.



Keep in mind that if you ask for extra things to be done while we are at your home for pet care, such as keys that do not work easily, putting on/taking off collars, harnesses, pet jackets, wiping paws, taking off our shoes in your home/putting our shoes back on to walk pet, watering plants, all these must be done in the time constraints that you requested.  .

If you want certain things done AND you want your dog to be walked for a minimum of 20 minutes, then you may need to schedule and pay for more time to get everything you want.


Online Registration – FREE

Phone Registration – Starting at 40

If you do NOT need help, you can do your online registration yourself for free, but if you do need help –

Have one of our office receptionists fill in your online profile with you while asking you questions via phone.  Then all you need to do is go online agree to our service agreement and book your reservations for pet care whenever you need us.


House Check –  Starting at 26

This service is for people who take their pets with them or may have no pets and want  their home checked while they are away.  Great for crime  deterrence.  We will do a quick room check and walk around outside.  We can bring in mail and newspapers.


Key Lockboxes  – Starting at 46

These are made of the same high quality that all real estate offices use.  These do NOT go on door handles.  Mine is mounted to my door frame in between my main door and storm door.  I have had mine for over 10 years and no one even knows it is there.  These are great for anyone who likes to go for walks but does not wish to have keys on them or for that unexpected person who may need to stop by your home and needs to get in.  Codes can be changed at any time.  No batteries, it uses a push pin system that is safe.


To understand what we mean Any Service Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum mean, see Visit Explained, please scroll way down for explanation.  They are guidelines for schedules and making reservations.

Pet Care Visits

  • Pet Care Bronze – Starting at 26
  • Pet Care Silver – Starting at 42
  • Pet Care Gold – Starting at 68
  • Pet Care Platinum – Starting at 80

This service is for pet care while you are away.  We can schedule 1 to 4 visits per day.  We will give your pets fresh food and water, take your dog out for a bathroom break, scoop  litter boxes, bring in your mail and newspapers. Gives treats and lots of loving.  All visits include drive time to your home with the rest of the time to spend with your pets. These visits are include arrival to departure.  Time spent in your home will depend on travel time, traffic, emergency with other pets, keys not working well in your door,  and if your pets are stressed having someone there.  If you want a guaranteed amount of time, please choose a longer time.

Longer time periods will give pet care providers time for things you may want, like special food you may have in the fridge, we can brush pets if they enjoy that, if you want us to wipe feet each time they come in, take for a longer walk, etc.



All dogs that have access to the outside or have pee pads inside and are only scheduled for one visit per day, will require Pet Care Silver, Gold or Platinum.  Pet Care Bronze is NOT available for one visit per day for dogs.

All dogs that are CRATED while owners are away will require Pet Care Silver, Gold or Platinum.  Pet Care Bronze is NOT available for crated dogs when owners are away.  It is just too cruel.


Dog Walk/Mid Day 

  • Dog Walk/Mid Day Bronze – Starting at 26
  • Dog Walk/Mid Day Silver – Starting at 42
  • Dog Walk/Mid Day Gold – Starting at 68
  • Dog Walk/Mid Day Platinum – Starting at 80

Discount Packages available (see Package Plans)

THIS SERVICE IS NOT FOR PEOPLE AWAY ON VACATION. We can walk your dog while you are on vacation but all pets will be included in all visits when you are away on vacation.

With this service, you will be home in the morning and again that night so other pets will be cared for by you.

This service is strictly for the pets who are alone all day while you are at work.  We will take dogs for a walk, play with your high energy cat, talk with your bird.  Just so they can get the exercise and human socialization that they cannot get while you are at work.  This is the most requested service and the ultimate gift of love to your pet.  Who wants to spend all day every day all alone being bored, schedule us today !  We can feed during this time, but we do not scoop litter boxes (unless you add it on) or bring in mail and newspapers.  This service is strictly for exercise and attention.

If you want a guaranteed amount of time, please choose a longer visit of Silver, Gold or Platinum.

Longer time periods will give pet care providers time for things you may want, like special food you may have in the fridge, we can brush pets if they enjoy that, if you want us to wipe feet each time they come in, take for a longer walk, etc.


Feline Fun Time

  • Feline Fun Time Bronze – Starting at 26
  • Feline Fun Time Silver – Starting at 42
  • Feline Fun Time Gold – Starting at 68
  • Feline Fun Time Platinum – Starting at 80

Ask for a discount package if you would like to indulge your kitty all the time while you work

Why should the DOGS have all the fun while owners are at work!!  This service is strictly for the feline persuasion!  We can come in and give your feline family the attention and playtime that they need.

THIS SERVICE IS NOT FOR PEOPLE AWAY ON VACATION. We can care for kitties when you are on vacation – choose Pet Care Service,

With this service, you will be home in the morning and again that night

This service is strictly for the pets who are alone all day while you are at work.  We will take spend all of our time getting your kitties to play and burn off that excess energy.  Just so they can get the exercise and human socialization that they cannot get while you are at work.  This is a highly requested service and a gift of love to your pet.  Who wants to spend all day every day all alone being bored, schedule us today !  We can feed during this time and scoop a litterbox, if you choose, but we do not bring in mail and newspapers.  This service is strictly for exercise and attention. All visits include drive time to your home with the rest of the time to spend with your pets.  Time spent in your home will depend on travel time, traffic, emergency with other pets, keys not working well in your door,  and if your pets are stressed having someone there.  If you want a guaranteed amount of time, please choose a longer visit.


Every Other Day Visits 

  • Every Other Day Bronze – Starting at 50
  • Every Other Day Silver – Starting at 66
  • Every Other Day Gold – Starting at 80
  • Every Other Day Platinum – Starting at 96

This is our minimum level of service for healthy animals only (no medical issues).  For cats, birds and small caged pets only.  We will scoop litter boxes, give fresh food and water, bring  in mail and newspapers, give treats and love. See Pet Care Visits.

We do NOT advise every other day visits for any pets because pets can go downhill VERY fast. We advise pets to be checked on every 24 hours as do Animal Welfare groups.

Choose more time if you would like extra care to include things you may want, like brushing pets if they enjoy that, more loves and hugs, etc.


Medications given orally or topically – Starting at 6  each medication, each administration

This is for pills and ointments that must be given during a pet care or mid day visit


Medical Visit 

  • Medical Visit Silver – Starting at 50
  • Medical Visit Gold – Starting at 75
  • Medical Visit Platinum – Starting at 90

For diabetic pets or pets that may need fluids.  This visit will include up to 3 pets, with 1 or 2 who may need insulin/fluids.  We will also do everything in a regular pet care visit. If you need a medical visit for one pet, all visits must be scheduled as medical visits, whether we are giving medication or not, because we will schedule a special sitter for the full reservation.  NOTE – we are NOT veterinarians, we are animal people who know how to give certain medications.  All medical  issues noticed, will be referred to the owner, their emergency contacts and veterinarian in file.

We will also do everything in a pet care visit.  If you need a medical visit for one pet, all visits must be scheduled as medical visits, whether we are giving medication or not, because we will schedule a special sitter for the full reservation.


Horses and all Barn animal Visits – Starting at 75

For all horses, ponies, llamas, goats, etc. VERY LIMITED

We are not farm experts.  Due to liability, Only sitters with this type of animal experience will be booked, which means that this service will not always be available.

Working water must be in barn with hose – Workman’s Comp will NOT let us lug water or heavy bails of hay.  We can not chip ice, so water heaters will need to be installed.

Place any grain or hay on the main floor for sitter to feed to animals.

Access to feed and water all animals should be from the outside of the stall or fenced area.  This is for the safety of sitters.

Workman’s Comp will not let us clean stalls so this will be for short times away, maybe a day or so.

Must have two or more emergency people available in case of any animal escaping, any malfunctions of water, heaters, etc or any other emergency.


Overnights Stays in a Clients’ Home – Starting at 140

Pet sitter’s will stay in your home to care for your pets while you are away.  Sitters will arrive approximately 9pm and stay to approximately 6am.  Arrival/departure Times will depend on sitters schedule, any pet emergencies, weather and traffic. Sitters will perform a regular am and pm pet care visit with everything  included in a pet care visit above. Client to provide a bed with clean linen, internet and tv with instructions on use.  Reminders and other requirements will be sent with confirmation of your reservation.


Pooper Scooping Yard – price to be determined by each yard

This service can be added on while we are there for a Pet Care Visit or Mid Day Visit

We can come in and scoop your yard for poop.  This is for whatever we can clean in up while at a pet care  visit.

Client must provide proper Pooper Scooping Equipment (not a shovel, etc) with bags and trash can for disposal.  Yards must be safe, no ice or mud and easily accessible


Litter Box Service – 

Do you HATE scooping your litter box, let us do it for you.  We can come in and scoop it daily for you.  Or do a one time clean, your choice.  This is for whatever we can do within a regular visit of up to 30 minutes (includes travel time) Client must provide proper litter scoop (not a slotted spoon or spatula) with bags and trash can for disposal


Litter Box Clean/Scoop – Price to be determined on time

This is for a minimum of 5 times per week service, for 1 – 5 litter boxes

Client must provide proper litter scoop (not a slotted spoon or spatula) with bags and trash can for disposal


Litterbox Clean – Price to be determined on time

This is for anything less than 4 times per week service, this is for 1 – 5 litter boxes

Client must provide proper litter scoop (not a slotted spoon or spatula) with bags and trash can for disposal

Add on Litter box Scoop  -Price to be determined on time

Do you HATE scooping your litter box, let us do it for you.  We can come in and scoop it daily for you.   This service can be added to your mid day visit.Client must provide proper litter scoop (not a slotted spoon or spatula) with bags and trash can for disposal

This is for whatever we can do within a 5 minutes.


Meet A Sitter – Starting at 30

Our reputation generally precedes us and most people choose to not meet a sitter, a few do. This is so you can put a face to our company.  All of our sitters are 21 years old and older, must go through our interview process, orientation, shadow a senior pet sitter and if we all feel comfortable, then and only then, do they get to pet sit for us.

Please keep in mind that we try every effort to keep one pet sitter coming and going every time you need a sitter, however, in 27+ years of being in the pet care business, we know anything can happen – Schedules are full, so you may need two sitters, a sitter becomes ill, has a family emergency, vacation, etc.  This could mean that any one of our sitters could come to your home at any time.  Your pet care is our top priority and making sure all schedules are covered at all times.  In light of this, we ask that whatever you want a sitter to know, must be written down in your pet care information.  That way any sitter will know what needs to be done.

Credit Card Chargeback – Starting at 100

Any cancellation of charges to a credit card will result in this extra charge.  Call us if you think there is a problem.

Key Return Certified Mail – Starting at 18

Unless you have a key lock box, we do require two sets of keys to be in our office, in your file.  If ever, you choose to have your keys returned, we will only return keys to you certified mail, signature required, so we know your keys are safely in your possession.


Weekend & Holiday Surcharges

Weekend visits add an additional 2 per visit,

Holiday visits add 15 to Any Service 30,

add 20 for Any Service 60, 90, 120, every other day visits & barn animal care – all other services will be  about 1.5 times cost.


We provide service 365 days a year including all holidays (our office is closed all holidays).  There is a holiday surcharge.  Days at the holiday fee are: New Year’s Eve (31), New Year’s Day (1), Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day AND day after (Thursday & Friday), Christmas Eve (24), Christmas Day (25).

Holiday charge can apply to days a week before/after a holiday

A Holiday Charge will apply to any visits falling on a day BEFORE or AFTER a Holiday.  This applies if your reservation ends the day before the holiday or your reservation starts the day after a holiday.

For example – If an reservation is on any day of July 3-4-5, you will pay a holiday rate for all visits on any of those days.  If you have 3 visits schedule for July 3, all visits will be at the holiday rate.  If you have visits on the July 5, all visits will be at the holiday rate.  If you have visits on July 3 AND 4, only the days on July 4, will be at the holiday rate.

This is due to the HIGH demand around a holiday.


Visits Explained

We charge PER VISIT/service not by TIME

All service visits are named – Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum

Our preference is to stay and spend time with your pet, THIS IS THE BEST PART OF OUR JOB, however, as you read on, it is not realistic.


Here is a break down for time for each Visit

Any Service Bronze  –  approx. 0 to 30 minutes

Any Service Silver  –  approx. 31 to 60 minutes

Any Service Gold  –  approx. 61 to 90 minutes

Any Service Platinum – approx. 91 to 120 minutes

What does this mean?

This means that your visits length can be any time in the range  in minutes.

Pet Care Bronze and Dog Walk Bronze are the very basic and the least cost effective with the least amount of time

The BEST value in time and cost will be Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The longer the visit, the less cost in length and most cost effective.

Our most requested services are Pet Care Silver and Dog Walk Silver

To ensure that we have enough time for all pets, all visits include up to a 10 minute drive time to your home, the rest of the time is spent caring for your pets.  If you live more than 10 minutes away from the nearest sitter, we will need to add time to include this.

After the drive time, The remaining time starts when the sitters exits the car at your home and ends when they return to their car.

Remember to include enough time for the sitter to do what you want

There is A LOT to do in a short amount of time if you choose the Bronze services


Time spent at a home, will include –

Unlocking your door (make sure your keys work easily to make sure that time is not wasted here)

Un-arming your alarm, if needed

Greeting pets

Finding leash, Leashing your dog, taking out for potty time

Giving fresh food and water to each pet

Scooping litterboxes, taking dirty litter out to garage

Give any medications

Bringing in mail, newspapers, packages

If any time left, give each pet attention, love and treats

Setting alarm

Locking Up

We are a FEAR FREE business and will not force pets to do certain things.

However, there may be times that a sitter may not be able to stay and these are things out of our control.


Here are a few examples out of our control that a sitter may not be able to stay longer –

A pet is extremely frightened of people –

In this case, we do not want to stress out the pet scared under the bed more then we have to.  We will make sure there is fresh food and water, scoop litterboxes and leave, giving the pet the least amount of stress that we can

A pet got sick or had an accident and needed extra time for us to clean and make this pet comfortable –

If a pet before you were to have this happen, then we may need to shorten some visits to make sure that all the pets on our schedule are cared for in a timely manner.  We do not want any pet uncomfortable waiting for a potty break or a pet who maybe diabetic to be late with insulin.

If your pet were to be sick or had an accident and needed extra time to be cleaned –

I am sure you would want us to make sure that your pet is cleaned up and not have a mess to stay in.  If extra time is needed then the next few visits maybe shortened a few minutes.  If there is a lot of extra time needed, then you would be notified and charged accordingly.

If there is a car accident,  detour or any road or vehicle event (flat tire, etc) making the travel time longer than expected between visits –

then we may need to shorten some visits to make sure that all the pets on our schedule are cared for in a timely manner.  We do not want any pet uncomfortable waiting for a potty break or a pet who may be diabetic to be late with insulin.

Any Weather Condition –

If there is any weather condition that may be uncomfortable to pets or employees, visits may be shortened, especially if any weather makes driving conditions hazardous.

Heat  (temps or heat index over 80 degrees)

some pets have a hard time breathing, or pavement could burn paws or if a pet really is too hot to do anything.  If you know that temps and humidity will be high, for pets to be comfortable, please have your ACs on.  This will also keep sitters comfortable while they are playing with pets inside. Many pets, just like people just do not like hot humid weather, we will not force any pet.


If there is thunder, lightning or downpours, pets could be frightened and may try to run away, we will do quick potty breaks and bring in for safety.  Many pets do not like to be out in the rain and we will not force them.

Any snow condition

may result in shorter visits to get employees home safe and sound.

Cold weather

We have been seeing very cold temperatures.  We will not put pets or sitters at risk by staying out longer than necessary in very cold weather. If you know that temps will be low, for pets to be comfortable, please set your heat at a reasonable temperature.  This will also keep sitters comfortable while they are playing with pets inside.



We can NEVER have any pet or employee’s safety in jeopardy and reserve the right to make any decision we deem necessary in order to do this, as well as making sure that EVERY pet is cared for which may result in shorter visits.

However, keep in mind that we LOVE all the pets in our care and really WANT to stay and love them.

We do have amazing people and they have always put the animals first.

So what would be a ZERO minute Visit as indicated above?

Well, that would be a visit not cancelled in the appropriate time or owners were home and forgot to cancel and the sitter showed up.

What if I want a certain amount of time spent at my home?

You would need to book Any Service Silver, Gold or Platinum.  Let us know what you would like and we will try very hard to accommodate.

Exceptions to minimums maybe needed, If there was a severe emergency, where a pet was rushed to the emergency hospital or severe weather, or any other emergency, we will try to make up time over the next few visits, however, it may not always be possible.  In any event, we will do our best.

Any service Bronze can not have a minimum time, we only have time to do basic care. It is the shortest amount of time and we can not guarantee or control that any of the above scenarios or more not mentioned  above will not happen to require shorter visits.

In general, unless there is any problem, Any Service Bronze, sitters are there approximately 20 minutes.

Again, we CHARGE PER VISIT/service not by time