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We are VERY Happy to Announce that we are EXPANDING!!

Our 30th year in business and we will be GOING BIG!

We are EXCITED to be moving into our amazing 13,000+ sf building with 3000+ sq ft play area!

In addition to pet sitting, we will also be offering:

• Daycare
• Boarding (cats and small animals too)
• Grooming
• Training
• Retail


What is Pet Sitting All About

What is the difference between Pet Sitting and Boarding?

Pet Sitting is when a pet care technician goes to the pets’ home for care. Boarding is when the pet goes somewhere other than their home to be cared for.

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Products, Books, and more

Check out what we have to say about products and books.

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Help Us Help Animals

We help animals in need. We volunteer our time, money, and resources. If you would like to help as well, or help us get closer to our Animal Center, we would be grateful.

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